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Haleakala Self Paced Bike Tour, Maui Bike Tours

The Haleakala Self Paced Bike Tour on Maui with Mountain Riders




Aloha and E Komo Mei,

For the Maui local and visitor alike those words are a true sign of what Hawaii is all about!!

Aloha, is the Hawaiian word representing, ” hello or welcome, good bye, Love,  peace, acceptance etc”..

E Komo Mei, being the Hawaiian translation for, “Welcome or Please come in or join us”.

Whether you are traveling to the island of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokoi or the big island of Hawaii we truly wish you Aloha.

These are not empty words on a piece of paper or pixels on a computer screen, but a genuine Welcome to Hawaii..Please come join us

and experience why we call this place home.


There are many options for a Maui vacation..ziplining..snorkeling..luaus..helicopter rides and of course Maui Hawaii Bike Tours.

Well we are beginning to see the signs of aloha in the land ourselves.

The Jacaranda trees are beginning to turn a vibrant purple, the Silk Oaks are  setting the mountains slopes ablaze in Maui’s tropical colors.


Well I could go on and on and on…oh stop it.

Aloha & E Komo Mei!!

See you on the mountain

Troy from Maui Mountain Riders,  Maui Hawaii Bike Tours



Summer Time Biking in Maui

Maui Discount Activites

Maui Discount Activities






Well summer has finally arrived and the downhill biking season on Maui is in full swing.

Of course during this time of year the tour companies are extremely busy serving up boat loads of fun and

excitement for Maui’s visitors to enjoy.


Whether you are leaning towards a Maui bike tour with us here at Mountain Rider  or any type of activity like Hiking, Snorkeling,

Luaus etc..

Make sure to make your reservation early!!

During the summer months Maui’s activity companies can be booked a month in advance.


Haleakala Bike Tour

Haleakala Bike Tour, Maui Bike Tours

Haleakala bike Tour






Somethings are better done alone like Meditation. Other things are better done with others (Meals,Vacations etc).

Well there is one thing that is best done with either……….The Haleakala Bike Tour of course!!


We at Mountain riders bike tours have been providing safe quality bike tours for over 22 years. In that time we have transported met, enjoyed and been visited by over 600,000 visitors!!!!

It seems like only yesterday that we were starting out.

When you truly love something… providing super fun bike tours to people visiting from all over the world……Then you find years and months of time seem to fly by.

Thank You thank You!!

We love what we do and I guess so do a ton  of other people visiting Maui and looking for quality activities.

Coming to Maui?

Make us your first stop.

See you on the mountain!!


Maui Hawaii Bike Tours

Maui Hawaii Bike Tours

Haleakala National Park crater on the island of Maui


Well Christmas has passed and the new year of 2013 is rapidly approaching. People on the mainland are experiencing the realities of a cold wet winter. What better way to chase away the winter blues than an island escape to a tropical paradise like Maui Hawaii.

Winter in Maui is only slightly cooler than summer ave 68-78 vs 75-85 degrees with a little more wet weather to create the wonderful green paradise of  Maui we so love.

If you are looking for the perfect getaway then this is it. a choice of Maui Hawaii bike tours. Self Paced/Independent or guided tours we have all the choices for your Maui biking adventure.

So go ahead and book your Maui biking vacation and join us on the mountain.

Troy Tanga