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Customer reviews of Maui Mountain Riders in Haleakala National Park
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5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 14, 2012 NEW

Breathtaking! All in that one word! ohh yah COLD! if i were you jus dress warm and your overall experience with the riding down haleakala beautiful! Why wouldnt it be its the one of the most beautiful thing i have ever done with my wife!

5 of 5 stars Reviewed April 24, 2012

You must do this when in Maui! You must wear LOTS of layers when you do this…. it is freezing cold at the top of the mountain and HOT by the time you ride to the bottom. The bus picked us up VERY early but it was fine because we were able to sleep on the way to the preparation area and then we slept again on the way up the mountain. When we got to the top of the mountain, the sun starts to light up the sky before it rises over the crater – then when the sun came up it was absolutely amazing!!

We had a perfect sky the morning we were there. People had not worn enough clothes and it didn’t look like they could enjoy it as much as they were so cold… we were lucky we had rugged up! We took the bus part of the way down the mountain to get the bikes ready. The tour leader puts the least confident female in the front of the pack. We can understand why this is the case as she would get left behind otherwise but it did slow things down for us – I felt like I had my brakes on for most of the ride down. We stopped for breakfast about half way down… there was average food there – it was like a convenience store, it wasn’t a cafe/restaurant that we had thought we might stop at. We had brought our own apples and granola bars so we were happy with that. As we got further down the mountain more layers came off our clothing until we were in shorts and t-shirt…. listen to the tour leader/driver as they know it will get hot… others left their jackets on and got too hot by the end!

Overall an amazing experience well worth it!! Don’t forget to take enough $$ to tip the driver and tour leader.

5 of 5 stars Reviewed March 21, 2012

Took the mountain riders bike tour with family. Ages ranged from 19 to 62. Basically see sunrise atop volcano at 10000 feet and then ride bike 28 miles, which is all down hill. The guide Tom aka “pops” was great and very informative. I would request him. We learned so much. A must do

5 of 5 stars Reviewed March 14, 2012

Four of us went on this ride, unfortunately Haleakala was clouded in and we were unable to see the sunrise. However, the bike ride more than made up for the disappointment. Our guide, Sean, was the greatest, he along with Dewayne, the driver, made the trip very enjoyable. We were always safe and they made it a great trip. I would highly recommend this trip, hopefully, the weather will cooperate with the sunrise.

5 of 5 stars Reviewed February 5, 2012

This was a super fun trip. You do not need to be an expert cyclist to do this.

Many people told us it was trecherous….Not so! We had a 12 year old girl in our group and she did just fine. My wife who has always been a little uneasy on bicycles loved it.

How can’t you love this trip? It’s about 28 miles of gliding down a mountain to the beach! There are little stops to rest, snack and take pictures.

With a guide in the front to keep a safe group pace and the van following to protect the riders from passing cars, you just can’t go wrong with Mountain Riders. Each person is personally fitted for their bicycle and safety helmet. The company even have some cold weather gear to make the high altitude a little more comfortable.

This was worth the money!

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Jacob’s Family                              5/21/2012!           Great Time, Great guides…would do it again!  The Best!!

Deborah Haynes                           5/19/2012            Incredible Experience!…Terrific guides!!!

Damon & Andy Thompson       5/16/2012            Once in a lifetime experience…Thanks for the fun &

keeping it safe!

Ray & Megan lisboni                    5/16/2012            Pop’s is a riot…tour was very informative!

Robert & Tiffany White               5/15/2012            Great, wonderful…would do it guides

on any tour I’ve done!

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