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Frequently Asked Questions

We like to give you as much information as possible for you to make your choice when it comes to Bike Maui tours. Listed below is a sampling of frequently asked questions.

Will we see the sunrise?
Approximately 80% of our Maui bike tours will be able to view the sunrise atop Haleakala, however your mountain crew cannot control the weather.

What happens if it is too dangerous to ride due to weather conditions? 
Your cruise leader in conjunction with our office  will determine if conditions are too extreme to ride from your locations. If this is the case we will start at a different location lower down the mountain. In the event that conditions worsen or do not improve we will cancel the tour.

What if I go over the double yellow line?
Going over the double yellow line demonstrates to your tour guide that you cannot control your bicycle or that you are not paying attention to the road ahead. For your safety and the safety of others we will require you to ride in the van the remainder of the ride.

If I am not comfortable or confident riding the bike from the starting point, can I ride in the van for a little while?
Yes, At any time during the tour you feel that you want to get back on the bike or in the van your guides will stop and accommodate you.

What should I do if my bicycle does not feel right?
If you are having trouble with your bicycle pull over and stop. Your cruise leader will change out your bike for another.

What happens if I cannot maintain a minimum speed of 18-25mph.
If you are uncomfortable riding a bicycle at 18-25 miles per hour. We suggest you you try our self paced bike tour

How many times will we stop for pictures?
You will have opportunities to take photos at the summit, in the switchbacks, your meal stop and at Paia Beach Park at the end of the ride. If you have a special request do not hesitate to ask your guides.

Do I have to wear the Gear?
Gloves and windbreakers are optional. Closed toed shoes and the helmets are mandatory.

How much should I tip the guides?
Guests often ask  what is a good tip. Well that is based on performance and your perception of your guides. If your guides did an exceptional job and made your trip an average would be about 10-20%


O.K we agree this is one of our least favorite FAQ’s.

The last “48 hours” before the tour date…Sorry there are absolutely no refunds!

Haleakala bike tour activities may be canceled by Mountain Riders Bike Co. for reasons including but not limited to inclement weather, lack of participation, etc. In the event of a canceled activity the following options will be available to the clients.

1. A trip that is cancelled prior to 48 hours and  transportation into Haleakala National Park will result in a no charge and the option to reschedule.

2. If we cancel before we pick you up inside the 48 hour time period. You will receive a full refund or the option to reschedule

3. If the biking portion of the tour is called off at the designated staging area after entering Haleakala National Park. The van tour will continue and you will be charged 50% of the total tour cost.

4. Any activity canceled or rescheduled by the individual clients within 48 hours of their activity date including the day of the activity, will be charged in full on the original scheduled day of their activity.

5. Customers that choose to opt out of the bike ride portion for personal reasons that may vary, will be charged in full.

Of course we cannot answer all of the questions you may have here. This is only a brief list of questions that are frequently asked on the Haleakala bike tour.

If you have any additional questions or just need general information.

Then please call: Mountain Riders 800-706-7700